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Families & Schools are Partners

I need the grown-ups in my family, school and community to work together.

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You can:

  • See starting school as a big event for all of us! We each have our own ideas and worries.
  • Ask me about my thoughts. I may want to know: 

   • How high do I have to count?

   • Do I have to write my name?

   • What are the rules at school?

   • Will I have new friends at school?

  • Talk with others about your feelings. You may want to know:

   • How easy will it be to say goodbye
      and let me join my group at school?
   • Will I fit in and learn well here?
   • Will the teacher see how special
      I am?

  • Ask teachers about their thoughts. They may want to know

   • How well do I do in a group with other kids and few adults?
   • Do I know how to get help when I need it and work on my own when I need to?
   • Can I share the teacher's attention?
   • Am I learning to follow directions and cooperate?:

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