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Healthy Body to Learn & Grow

I need a healthy body to learn and grow.

You can:

  • Take me to the doctor and dentist for regular check ups.
  • Make sure I get all the shots I need before school starts. Being fully immunized protects me and others from 14 serious diseases.
  • Keep me and our family safe from harm. Get help if someone is hurting you, me, or anyone in my family. Learn more at:

I need good food, rest, and play to have the energy to learn.

You can:

  • Make sure I get enough rest every night, even if I don' twant to go to sleep. I can't learn if I am grumpy and tired at school.
  • Give me healthy food every day, especially breakfast. See this online booklet for ideas for good meals and snacks.
  • Ask for a form for free and reduced breakfast and lunch if our family needs help getting me the healthy food I need.
  • Make sure I have time and safe places to play. Kids need at least one hour of exercise each day. Outdoor play is very important for me!

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