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How I Learn

I need to be excited about learning.


You can:

  • Encourage me to explore with my senses- to see, touch, smell, hear and taste my world.
  • Give me fun, exciting choices.
  • Give me lots of time to figure things out.

    Father & Son


I need to learn to try things and keep trying even when it seems hard.


You can:

  • Give me activities that hold my interest.
  • Help me explore and try new activities
  • Help me learn step by step.
  • Teach me that making mistakes is part of learning.
  • Show me different ways to understand my world.


I need many ways to express myself.


You can:

  • Help me dance, sing, whistle, play instruments, paint, draw, color, build, invent, and make believe.
  • Help me care about others and help them, too.
  • Help me notice and talk about flowers, trees, animals, clouds, sky and water.


 I need to feel good about my family and culture, and to learn about other cultures.


You can:

  • Show me books and pictures of people who look like me.
  • Show me books and pictures of people from other cultures.
  • Sing songs and tell me stories from my culture and from other cultures.
  • Use the language(s) I know to help me understand and learn.
  • Take me to places that teach me about my culture and other cultures.



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