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How to Enroll & What to Expect

I need you to help me feel ready and eager, even if I also feel scared.

You can:

  • Make sure we both have time to think and talk about our feelings. Your ideas and feelings shape mine. I need you to show me confidence. This is a big step for our family!
  • Help me practice saying goodbye to you so I can get ready to join the school group easily. Kindergarten is different than preschool or child care where parents might stay with a child for some time until they feel ready to say goodbye. Help me learn to be on my own  with my teacher and fellow students.
  • Be delighted to see me after my day at school! Be ready to ask specific questions about what we did that day and who my new friends are.

I need you to let the school know that I am coming.


You can:

  • Call and visit my school the year before I start. Each school district has its own rules, so it is important to talk to them. Research schools here.
  • Visit my teacher and describe what I know and can do.
  • Share things happening in my life that affect how I feel and act.
  • Find out about any special needs I have.
  • Learn about our family's rights in the school.
  • Learn about school and community services we might need, especially if we speak a language other than English.


I need you to know what the school expects from me and my family.


You can:

  • Meet with my teacher to see what he or she expects me to know and be able to do. School has changed since you went!
  • Get an up-to-date list of my immunizations.
  • Find out what information my school needs about me and when they need it. My school might need a copy of my birth certificate, immunization record, or proof of address.
  • Find out when teachers set aside time to meet with parents. If those times don't work, let me know what times do work.
  • Ask the teachers what kind of help they expect me to get from my family at home.
  • Volunteer to help at my school.

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