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Keep Me Safe & Healthy

I need to be safe and feel safe.

You can:

  • Help me practice saying my name, address and phone number in my home language and in English
  • Teach me about watching for cars and not talking to strangers.
  • Teach me who to ask for help when I need it.


I need to have bathroom and self-help skills.

You can:

  • Teach me the words to tell other grown-ups when I need to go to the bathroom, or when I am feeling sick or hurt.
  • Help me practice going to the bathroom, washing my hands, dressing, and tying my shoes.
  • Encourage me to try things I've learned before I ask my teacher for help.


I need to be able to use my hands and fingers to do small tasks.


You can:

  • Help me learn to pick up, hold and use pencils, crayons, markers, paintbrushes and scissors.
  • Help me make things with blocks, paper, cardboard and tape.


Child Face

I need to be able to use my arms, legs and body to make big movements.


You can: 

  • Encourage me to run, jump, climb, dance and move to music, as I am able.
  • Give me time each day to play outdoors.


I need to have my basic needs met before I come to school each day.


You can:

  •  Make sure I am fed, rested and dressed for the weather.
  • Find out who can help my family with getting what I need to be ready for school.



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