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My Social & Emotional Skills

I need to feel excited and comfortable about starting kindergarten.


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You can:

  • Let me know you're excited about me starting kindergarten.
  • Give me a chance to visit my school before I start.
  • Listen to my thoughts and ideas about school.
  • Play a game with me to pretend I'm in school already.


I need to know what kindergarten will be like.


You can:

  • Teach me to follow directions by giving me simple steps.
  • Help me learn how to share with other children, stand in line, wait my turn, and sit in a circle.


I need to feel good about myself.


You can:

  • Pay attention to me and listen to my ideas.
  • Help me feel good about all the things I can do.
  • Praise me for my strengths.
  • Be patient and let me develop at my own pace.
  • Teach me that all my feelings are okay, but not all my actions are okay. For example, it's okay to be upset, but it's not okay to hit others.
  • Teach me ways to calm myself down when I get frustrated.


I need to get along with others.



You can:

  • Show me ways to make new friends.
  • Help me understand how I can be friends with children who are different from me.
  • Teach me what to do when someone hurts my feelings.


I need to know how to talk with others and to listen.


You can:

  • Talk with me about things I'm interested in.
  • Teach me how to know when it's my turn to speak and when I need to listen.
  • Teach me words to describe my feelings and needs, and when to use them.


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