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Support My Family, Culture & Language

I need my school to welcome my family.

 Mother and Child

You can:

  • Put up welcoming signs in the language I speak at home.
  • Learn about my community and culture before I arrive.
  • Let my family know who to go to if we have ideas, questions, or concerns.
  • Invite us to participate in the school, classroom and Parent Teacher Association.


My family and I want all the grown-ups at my school to know and respect my culture, my learning style and my family's needs.

You can:

  • Understand that school may be my first introduction to cultures and languages other than my own.
  • Let me know if my classroom teacher and others at school can speak my home language.
  • Invite my family and me to share information with my teacher and classmates about my family and culture.
  • Support my family culture by putting me in a class with other children who share my home language and culture.
  • Let me know that speaking my language strengthens all my language skills.


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