UK Slots Subject To More Stringent Rules

UK Slots Subject To More Stringent Rules

New rules also force online casinos to upgrade online slots, slow them down and remove functions that make players losing their expenditure online casino sg. From 1 October 2021, the new measures will be implemented. Online casino operators in the UK have been requested by the Gambling Commission to reduce the play intensity and eliminate potentially misleading functionality. It is one of a series of actions to reduce the revenue for the sector from online slot machines by £2.2 billion a year.

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Slot operation

The online slots are expected to wait at least 2,5 seconds in between spinning, as part of the online slots overhaul of the Gambling Commission. Online slot operators can also exclude auto-play opportunities in which players can turn the Slot machine many times by themselves. The regulator stated that a self-play feature could lead to a loss for players.

Slot mechanics in the game isn’t about modifying things. It also allowed operators, when a player lost money, to avoid playing sounding optimistic noises. It’s part of a trend called loses masked as winning that fools players believe they have played a decent game despite actually losing, and tempt them to do more. Operators can also exclude items that appear to give the players an image of dominance while a random number generator determines the result of the slot in reality.

Game redesign

Besides the game redesigns, the Commission has requested a necessary modification in order to prevent reverse withdrawals by operators. Reverse withdrawals are where players want to cash out their winnings, but make sure they change their mind and cash back. Furthermore, all loses, wins and time played during every online slot are now explicitly shown by the operators.

Neil McArthur of the Gambling Commission Chief Executive Officer said the Commission’s proof showed the features aimed at increasing consumer risk.

Gambling stocks on the Tuesday bourse have changed very little in the middle of the last reserves, showing that consumers do not anticipate a major revenue impact from the current Commission Regulations.

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The Minister of Sports Nigel Huddleston has said that these measures would help to curtail the severity of gambling, which will provide better safeguards to minimise the risk of gambling damage. He also expressed his appreciation of the stern steps taken by the Gambling Commission as its fellow legislator continues its thorough examination of the gambling legislation to make sure it is digital age.

Code of conduct 

Michael Dugher, CEO of Betting and Gaming Council, has pointed out that the United Kingdom online gambling industry is committed to promoting reform and healthy gambling. To this end, he said that the industry welcomes the announcement made by the Gambling Board based on the latest BGC code of conduct for designing online games last September in an effort to further enhance players’ welfare.

Duger also stressed that BGC members already have taken steps such as the reduction in spin speed and prohibition of multiple gaming features that are worrying. The main promises that they have already made include the minimum 2.5-sekunde game loop rates, the completion of turbo play, which enables players to speed up play, and the break-up of multifunctional play, in which players will simultaneously play various games on multiple stakes.

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